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Whose cow is it anyway?

When cowboys used branding as a means of keeping their herd together, little did they know they’d invented modern marketing.

Today, the brand retains many of the qualities it did in the Wild West

It’s a stamp of quality, a means of protecting your products, a statement that you mean business.
Yet branding is much more than just a name and logo. Having the right branding for your business means conveying the key messages about what makes your business different from others and the right choice for the customer.
We know that good branding evokes trust and loyalty. Whether through PR or via websites, e-shots or social media, we create intelligent and though- provoking content that people enjoy reading, seeing or hearing.
We also harness opportunities that play to your brand’s strengths. From sponsorships to speaking engagements to trade exhibitions, we’ll identify situations where your presence can help customers to better understand your values.
By offering a clear-sighted overview of all of your marketing activity, we’ll spur you on to greater success and ensure that, like those cattle roaming the plains in days gone by, your brand is heading in the right direction.
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