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If a tree falls in a forest but nobody hears it, does it make a sound?

If that tree had a good public relations campaign behind it, you wouldn’t need to ask. The noise would be deafening.

PR (Public Relations) is about you and your business. It's what you say to the outside world.

Public relations is all about getting heard. It’s about what you say, and how. It’s about ensuring the right audiences are taking note and also listening to what they might be saying about you.
Whether you need to communicate with customers or prospects, suppliers or stakeholders, good PR combines clear, aspirational messages, a consistent, professional tone of voice and a deep level of engagement across all media channels.
We know that great PR changes minds and sways buying habits. We write intelligent and thought-provoking pieces that stimulate debate and get people thinking differently. We build great relationships with editors, broadcasters, bloggers and other influencers and know where to get you the best results.
In line with your marketing strategy, we create content designed to reinforce your messages wherever they are likely to find an appreciative reception, be it in print, online, across social media, by email or in a video.

Promote and protect

And if things go wrong, don’t worry; we’re also there to ensure you are being perceived the way you want. We’ll protect your brand as well as promote it, handling any crisis management to keep your brand reputation as high as you deserve.
That’s why we constantly monitor and analyse your profile in the wider world, providing up-to-date feedback on how you’re coming across to customers, and how you compare to competitors in your marketplace.
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