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Sometimes traditional works best.

Use targeted direct mail to leave an impact on your potential customers and generate sales leads in your local area.

Direct mail messages are exposed to the consumer more than twice as long as digital ads.

Direct mail has a far higher response rate than emails.

We offer you powerful yet easy tools for you to tailor and pinpoint your direct mail campaign.

GET Postal

Get your message to the specific homes you want to reach through targeted direct marketing.
Sometimes, traditional ways work best. Nowadays, when everybody is communicating by email, there’s actually a strong case to be made for the timeless benefits of a physical piece of mail delivered direct through your potential customers letterboxes. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it all yourself – let us automate it for you at the click of a button.
Our powerful online tool takes the hassle and stress out of direct mail by providing you with fully editable templates and the ability to pinpoint the exact areas you want to send your direct mail right down to a single home!

What are the benefits of direct mail?

Direct mail may be traditional but it has a higher response rate than email. A posted promotion also has a longer exposure to the recipient compared to digital as someone may only see an online ad for a couple of seconds.
Direct mail benefits from being highly targeted and is an especially powerful tool for SME’s. Their design is very flexibility and it’s highly effective in local areas, it also comes with the added benefit of being highly cost effective!
We give you the ability to have full control of who receives your direct mail with GET postal. Choose your marketing message, select a template and click send. Fast and powerful direct mail made easy.
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A powerful direct marketing tool

Direct mail has often been neglected in the digital age but still has fantastic local benefits. Its physical form can give your message longer exposure and greater interaction with your target audience, and combined with a striking design and our expertise, your direct mail can bring fantastic sales leads.
*Get postal is only available when used in conjunction with one of our other GET packages. Once you sign up to GET Social or GET Local you will have the opportunity to access GET Postal following a setup fee.
Get in touch if you want to learn more about our GET Postal service and find out how you can get started on improving your direct mail campaigns.

GET Local

Get your business noticed online in your area through Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your website achieving higher rankings Google or Bing.

GET Social

Get a loyal, engaged following on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so that the next time somebody is seeking a recommendation, it is your name on their lips.

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