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Video killed the radio star... and now it's coming to get you.

The best brands today capture hearts and minds with attention-grabbing, fast-acting video content. You need to join them.

According to Ofcom, we spend over 8 hours a day on media devices. In fact, a staggering six billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every month.

Video has mainstream appeal, because it is so easy to watch a short snippet of film, rather than read through a long page of text.
Pressing play is simple, especially now that we all have smart phones and tablets. You don’t even have to bother pressing play on Facebook anymore and 40 percent of YouTube traffic now comes from mobile devices.
In short: video is an ever-growing part of everybody’s online content consumption, which provides an excellent arena into which to expand your marketing messages.
We can help you to create video marketing messages that are engaging to watch and, crucially, also easy to make.
Don’t have a blockbuster budget? Don’t worry. From motion graphics to remote drone filming to live-streaming, we’ll advise you on low-cost, highly-creative video content solutions that can help your business to achieve viral lift-off.
Please take a look at our YouTube playlist showing some of the videos we’ve created for our clients.
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