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The man with a van has a very good plan.

Ever been stuck in traffic behind a tradesman’s van? Chances are, you know exactly what he does and how to contact him, because he’s used his vehicle as a moving billboard.

It's no different online.

The Internet is the world’s biggest traffic jam and you need to attract customers’ attention to your website before somebody else parks their virtual van in the way.
That’s where search engine optimisation, or SEO, comes in. It’s the means whereby you ensure your website is focused on telling Google what your business does, and why therefore you deserve to be top of the search pages that matter most.
SEO covers everything from the words and pictures your visitors sees, to the hidden stuff only your tech team understands. It’s still a relatively new technique, which means it is often misunderstood and frequently abused. As a result, SEO is constantly evolving as Google and other search engines change the ways in which they seek out the best websites.
It sounds complicated, but here’s the good news. Google wants the same things you do: reliable and trustworthy information; relevant content; and ease of access for the thousands of potential visitors to your website.
That’s why we specialise in SEO that combines creative thinking with technical expertise in order to improve your Google ranking. By writing great online content that’s useful to visitors and includes relevant keywords and phrases, we send Google the message that you’re the experts in your field.
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