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Chatting to your mates or connecting to your customers?

If you think social media is just about telling people what you had for breakfast, think again. They might equally be telling people which customers they met at breakfast.

Today, social media is an integral, highly sophisticated part of any business marketing strategy.

Customers will be using it to find information on the latest solutions to their problems; partners and prospects will be seeking new suppliers; and some of your competitors are most likely starting conversations with them.
If you’re not already using social media for your business, or perhaps feel you’re not making the most of it, it’s time to talk. Social media users are amongst the most receptive audiences around, because they’ve actively opted in to receive your messages.
We devise a social media strategy bespoke to your specific business need. We’ll not only attract people to join your social media following, but we’ll engage with your audience so they’re actively benefiting from giving you their virtual thumbs-up.
All of our content, whether words, images or video, is tailored to the specific platforms you use. The tone might vary, LinkedIn is usually more corporate, where Facebook might be fun, but wherever your audiences go we’ll start conversations, give useful information and promote your products, services and events.
We’ll take all of the hassle away by managing your social media, with regular scheduling and monitoring of content. If you prefer to post content yourself, we can still advise you on how best to incorporate social media into your wider marketing strategy.
Either way, we can provide detailed monthly reports to show you how you’re getting on, with ongoing recommendations on how to better engage with your following.
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